Igale Careers

Why Join Us?

Our purpose here at Igale is to nurture great ideas using the power of technology to protect and inspire future generations. We work on commercial ventures but also focus on projects that ‘do good’ in the world and this sets us apart from many other SaaS providers. Most people want to be confident that they are doing important and meaningful work and Igale can help give you that connection between your passions and values and the job you do.

And speaking of values, we have a unique way of working that we hold ourselves accountable to on a day-to-day basis. Listening to and learning from everyone in the team, sharing information willingly, admitting when we are wrong and positively learning from it are some of the key behaviours and habits that are core to our success. Importantly, we also seek out employees, partners and suppliers who really care about both what they do and doing the right thing in their work and by others.

A Personalised Approach

When people join us they have the opportunity to work across a range of businesses as well as help develop new ones. Everyone here is an individual so we promote flexibility and aim to personalise your experience at work as much as possible. This means remote-working options and bespoke training that’s right for you; ditching one-size-fits-all performance reviews; not shoe-horning people into the wrong roles and calling it ‘progression’! 

We also take the time to think carefully about perks and benefits as pension and holiday are a given; and we don’t rigidly stick to a policy that only gives you a few days sick leave if you’re lucky. If our business is about improving people’s lives then that includes yours.


Igale And Me

I joined Igale because I was excited about what it was about, its compelling vision and where it is heading. It has given me the chance to build a team from scratch and make an impact as we grow.

The people here are a friendly and welcoming bunch. I enjoy the variety in the work and particularly the 'tech for good' element; but what really inspires is being part of a organisation that is building truly influential and world-beating products.

Martin Boler - Chief Product Owner


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