Custom enterprise supply chain solutions

Igale has supported businesses building custom software and optimising the efficiency of supply chains. We’ve covered all aspects of supply chain management (SCM) from inventory planning, stock management, logistics, freight management, warehousing and asset management taking goods from raw material to the end consumer.

Working with companies ranging from start up to multi-billion dollar enterprises our team knows what it takes to optimise your business systems. Often working alongside off-the-shelf or purpose built proprietary systems, Igale’s solutions can plug the gaps in existing processes, replace an outdated solution, or remove reliance on Excel/Access.

Planning, Modelling & Demand Forecasting

Every industry, every business is unique in its ways of working, it’s processes, from buying, supplier management, manufacturing, warehousing setup, distribution models through to the way that goods are merchandised.

Whilst off the shelf packages go a long way to meeting the individual needs of a business, it’s very common that gaps remain between the way a business would ideally operate, and the constraints of an off the shelf platform. This is especially true where planning, modelling and demand forecasting are concerned. The intricacies of these aspects of each business supply chain can be extremely complicated, and small issues in one part of the supply chain can have a compound effect on a business’s whole operation.

Supplier Management

Never in modern times has this been more apparent than throughout 2020 with the global disruption caused by Covid-19, compounded further in the UK by Brexit. Igale has supported numerous businesses with adaptations to their existing suite of software and additional satellite applications to cope with disruptive factors and uncertainties.

The requirement for flexibility beyond off the shelf software capabilities for aspects of supply chain such as supplier management has presented opportunities for businesses to explore more flexible models and conducting more detailed what-if scenario modelling.

Igale’s agile methodology is perfectly suited to these changing environments, using flexible rules engines to adapt to constantly changing situations.

Inventory, Asset & Warehousing Management

With many workers operating remotely, and strict controls in place for working environments, managing assets and inventory, and having a clear understanding of the genuine status of a supply chain is more crucial than ever.

With all the complexities associated with inventory, asset and warehouse management, down to quantities of raw materials that can be legally held in a location, rules of how and where goods can be processed or simply managing, optimising and forecasting capacity requirements down to optimising the flow of goods between production, distribution centres, and retail outlets Igale’s 30 years of experience in supporting businesses puts us in a unique position to bring learnings from some of the most advanced supply chains in the world to your business.

Buying, Merchandising & Pricing

Supply chains rely on a talented team of buyers and merchandisers to ensure that products flow through the process at an optimal rate, and at commercially acceptable margins at both ends.

Igale has worked with many businesses over the years to build bespoke software solutions that support the buying, merchandising and price management processes, ensuring that the factors most important to a business and their model can be adjusted and different scenarios explored to optimise for efficiencies and profitability.

Risk Management

All businesses carry a level of risk in their supply chain, and the level of risk a business is willing or able to carry will be unique to that company. Having the necessary tools to identify, model and understand these risk levels enables organisations to make informed decisions and manage the high-risk items in their business.

Whether this is modelling the risk of a delay of an inbound shipment of raw material at port, assessing the risk of overstocking a product into a store or managing other risks across an organisation, Igale can support with the bespoke software to meet your individual needs.

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