The advantages of Agile

In bespoke software development projects, the majority of C-level executives in major organisations believe that: Project management and development are too bureaucratic Project management and development processes are not adjusted to the uniqueness of the project Project managers spend too much time ‘justifying and explaining’ Projects take too long to deliver Project business cases are […]

How to build bespoke agile software

The Igale team has delivered software using an iterative development approach for over 30 years and we know it works for our clients. So strong is our alignment to the Agile delivery approach that our name Igale is an anagram of Agile! Igale has taken clients from their first ever Agile project, to being experts […]

Agile vs Waterfall – Which method works best?

It doesn’t matter what you’re making, it goes without saying that having a plan for how you’re going to make it is crucial. Fundamental to that plan is an understanding of the project management methodology you’re going to use to deliver your plan, and which approach is going to work best for you, your organisation […]

What’s the problem with selling around an issue?

You’ve scouted the market, reviewed as much marketing collateral as one person’s brain can handle, you’ve long listed, then short-listed suppliers. You’ve been through demonstrations by multiple vendors and you think you’ve found the tool that could work for you. You’ve agreed terms, got sign off across the business and have an implementation plan in […]

Have we outgrown Excel?

One of the most common issues we hear of are from businesses who have data held in one or multiple excel spreadsheets that were fine a few years ago. However, as the team has grown, people have moved on, or the complexity and quantity of data increases these Excel sheets become a drain on resource […]

Advantages and disadvantages of bespoke software

A well designed bespoke software application built to meet a client’s exacting requirements will always out-perform an off the shelf offering because it meets, and only meets, the specific need it was designed for. This removes unnecessary functionality and processing which together complicate and add unnecessary workload causing business process overhead. The main issues that […]

Agile methodology and software development

What is Agile project management? Agile is an iterative and incremental development approach commonly used when delivering complex software projects. Collaboration, continual planning, refinement, and regular deployments build software incrementally from the start of the project, rather than a grand reveal at the end. Principles of Agile software development We work to the following principles […]

Custom enterprise supply chain solutions

Igale has supported businesses building custom software and optimising the efficiency of supply chains. We’ve covered all aspects of supply chain management (SCM) from inventory planning, stock management, logistics, freight management, warehousing and asset management taking goods from raw material to the end consumer. Working with companies ranging from start up to multi-billion dollar enterprises […]