Specialist bespoke software development

We deliver mission-critical enterprise scale cloud solutions

Igale is Agile

Igale is a UK-based software development company, with over thirty-five years’ experience in building bespoke software solutions. Our team of software developers delivering at a pace, building performant, robust, scalable solutions.

The majority of our projects come via word of mouth and we’re recommended by people who have seen the speed of development and quality of the enterprise software we deliver.

Our services

We deliver mission-critical, complex, enterprise scale bespoke software solutions.

We specialise in cloud-based SaaS solutions and have vast experience in delivering complex software for clients whose need is time-critical.

You might have an innovative idea that needs to be delivered ahead of the competition, or where speedy availability of a solution is needed due to legislative changes being forced on an industry. Or perhaps it’s as simple as a deadline has been promised and now must be hit!

We deliver entire solutions, or can inject our skills and experience directly into your development team.

We don’t build websites or implement packaged solutions, but if it’s bespoke complex software, then we’re the team for you.

Software development

We can take complete responsibility for entire pieces of development work including, all required integrations. Our team will take the worries off your shoulders, handling everything from conception through to implementation. This includes the specification and roadmap implementation of an enterprise-scale architecture to ensure the solution will endure the test of time.
With our roots in enterprise-scale application development, our expertise in implementation is vast and we’ve successfully completed a range of solutions for large scale enterprise clients including in retail, technology and aviation.

We can supply all the testing services required from ‘internal’ sprint testing as part of our continual integrations approach, through to end user experience testing and performance testing.

We use automated testing as a pivotal component in our rapid development and continuous deployment services.

With our roots in enterprise-scale application development, our documentation creation processes are detailed and streamlined.  Documentation preparation is a part of our development methodology.

We often hand over the developed solutions to a hosting partner (e.g. Node4), and first and second line support to the client, so appropriate high-quality documentation is paramount to a successful deployment and future support.

As an alternative to providing a complete solution, we can enhance your team’s skillset, help you scale up (and when needed scale down) the software team rapidly and flexibly, and accelerate your development processes.

We can also form hybrid teams consisting of your employees and ours, to utilise resources effectively and keep costs down.

We can provide full 24×7 support first, second or third line support. Or we can hand over the entire solution to your support team.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced

We've developed high-performing, high-availability business critical solutions for massive enterprise scale clients including Swiss Bank, Argos, TK Maxx, Shell and many more.

Quick to deliver

Our team has worked together long term and has a finely tuned process that's been developed over thousands of sprints. Rapid testing and delivery means you get to minimum viable product in the fastest time possible.


With years of experience in building and delivering critical SaaS solutions, our team has a deep understanding of commercial drivers and the need to deliver on time.

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