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Software for the delivery of large scale construction, housing and infrastructure projects. mylo partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) for site-based connectivity ensuring real-time data.

Business situation

mylo is software for the delivery of large scale construction, housing, and infrastructure projects. Uniquely, mylo harvests high quality / high volume data using every single project contributor in real time.

David Wood, President at mylo, is a construction professional with over 25 years in the industry. His idea for mylo came out of continued frustrations in construction project delays (a recent McKinsey report stated that over 98% of large construction projects suffer delays, all at a cost) and an understanding that the construction industry was woefully lacking in technology advancement.

In an environment rife with delays and budget overruns, survivalist business models can promote a culture of self-preservation which in turn drives a disjointed approach to project delivery / recovery. On projects that have hundreds, or even thousands of operatives, typically static reporting data was collected from around 5% of those, in a multitude of formats and quickly going out of date.

David understood that the industry needed to break away from simply digitising current workflows and rather look to innovative ways to use modern tech to drive construction projects together.

The concept of mylo

The idea behind mylo was to harvest data from every single human resource in real time, creating a hyper-informed community throughout the entire project and beyond.

David sought a partner that could develop this idea and reach minimal viable product in a short timescale. Through his network of peers, he was recommended Igale. Igale specialises in developing mission critical apps and its methods of working focus on achieving MVP very quickly. Its team’s roots are in enterprise large-scale delivery and the team takes an agile approach.

mylo and Igale undertook a joint venture to deliver the proposed solution to market.

Starting with the most challenging resource

Field teams were identified as the most challenge resources to engage, so the team started there.


The initial focus was that mylo should provide the ability for skilled labour to review, claim and bank assigned work packages and variations via mobile devices in the field. This would empower the individual with information, instilling responsibility and publishing the rewards which would encourage timely engagement that also delivers personal value.

The technical architecture for mylo was designed as follows:


A pilot was held at Nine Elms and showed how mylo can use skilled labour in the field to glean live reporting data. Engaging the unsung 95% of contributors and identifying the “small fires” as teams move together, enhanced productivity, quality and safety. The compounding effect was a stronger team where everyone has value.

The following KPIs were achieved from the pilot:

  • Under 60 secs to complete a mobile claim was met in over 90% of claims
  • Confirm that the satcom cellular solution could cope with 3Gb capacity per day was proved every day with remarkably consistent demand comfortably fitting in with the 200Gb monthly limit.
  • Numerous KPIs relating to satcoms reliability and consistent service were proved through the period.
  • Terrestrial signals are known to be notoriously bad on construction sites and failed every speed test, so the satcomms in mylo outperformed terrestrial.
  • H&S notices that could be shared and read-confirmed was demonstrated throughout the pilot
  • Validation that fixing operatives were using mylo on regular basis was met every week throughout the pilot


Given the reliance on data collected directly from construction sites which can often struggle with effective cellular coverage, providing an alternative data source was critical in developing the solution.

As a result, the team reached out to the European Space Agency for help. With their assistance, mylo originated a commercially viable and privatised satcomms solution that was incorporated into the pilot.

This partnership allowed the team to design and test site-based connectivity solutions that ensure real-time data is exactly that.

Additionally, the ESA provided mylo with direct funding towards development costs.


After the pilot

Development of new features has continued post pilot. Mylo is currently focused on selling to mid-size specialist trade contractors servicing packages such as joinery, mechanical & electrical, dry lining, groundworks, decoration, etc.

It is beginning to move into working with PCs (Principal Contractors) who manage all the specialist and general contractors on behalf of a client. They are responsible for packaging up work for tender and managing the successful suppliers.

With the ability to assess all specialist packages in one collective space, with mylo the PC will exercise currently unrivalled levels of real time control for planning and delivering efficient processes to both individual projects and the wider industry

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