Custom Software Development Services

We have clients across many industries, and the one thing that connects all our clients is their requirement for bespoke software. 

We have been building custom software for large and small businesses for over thirty years. The majority of our projects come to us via word of mouth and referrals from people who have experienced the quality of our enterprise software projects of our agile delivery process. We deliver a robust solution, to your requirements, achieving Minimum Viable Product fast. 

Our approach

Our strong core of experienced developers are specialists in creating bespoke software, for when off-the-shelf doesn’t meet your needs.

Efficient, robust and sustainable, our development approach takes advantage of our split UK – offshore development and testing team structure, allowing fast-paced development and testing of code over an 18-hour working day.

Building bespoke solutions over three decades, we know how to ensure delivery to your timescales. We’ve built processes and procedures for streamlined deployment and testing with a proven iterative approach.


Building bespoke software

Our goal is to work with our clients to define and deliver both a Minimum Viable Product and Minimum Valuable Product. We look to find the smallest delivery that is of value, and then build from there.

Appreciating that working to the Agile methodology can be difficult to budget for, where possible we time-box the delivery side of our engagement to a number of fixed price sprints.

Our services

We can take complete responsibility for entire pieces of development work including, all required integrations. Our team will take the worries off your shoulders, handling everything from conception through to implementation. This includes the specification and roadmap implementation of an enterprise-scale architecture to ensure the solution will endure the test of time.
With our roots in enterprise-scale application development, our expertise in implementation is vast and we’ve successfully completed a range of solutions for large scale enterprise clients including in retail, technology and aviation.

We can supply all the testing services required from ‘internal’ sprint testing as part of our continual integrations approach, through to end user experience testing and performance testing.

We use automated testing as a pivotal component in our rapid development and continuous deployment services.

With our roots in enterprise-scale application development, our documentation creation processes are detailed and streamlined.  Documentation preparation is a part of our development methodology.

We often hand over the developed solutions to a hosting partner (e.g. Node4), and first and second line support to the client, so appropriate high-quality documentation is paramount to a successful deployment and future support.

As an alternative to providing a complete solution, we can enhance your team’s skillset, help you scale up (and when needed scale down) the software team rapidly and flexibly, and accelerate your development processes. We can also form hybrid teams consisting of your employees and ours, to utilise resources effectively and keep costs down. We can provide full 24×7 support first, second or third line support. Or we can hand over the entire solution to your support team.

Minimum viable product

The Igale delivery process is centred around delivering tested and working products quickly. With some client projects we have had an MVP ready for market in as few as three sprints.

Our experience in building MVPs that have gone on to become full bespoke solutions and are business critical for our clients has enabled us to iterate and refine our process with a fail fast mentality. This ensures that our clients get maximum value for money and feedback on their idea from the people that will use it as quickly as possible!

Building strong foundations

Building Enterprise software takes time, and having a full vision of what the software needs to do, who will use it, how many people will use it, what they will use it for and how long it’s expected to be in use for are all key considerations that will influence the solution architecture.

Understanding that there may be points before the final go live, where a subset of the final product can be deployed, and the business can start getting feedback on the software is crucial, as this can steer the future direction ensuring that resources are well utilised. 

Getting the right team to support a project is the difference between success and failure. Igale has a 100% record of project delivery, on time and to budget. If you’re looking for support with an enterprise-scale software project, get in touch today.

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