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UK, Europe, & USA


Marketing Technology

SERPsketch is the only technology on the market that shows what your customer sees in Google, and shows you exactly where the opportunities are for the keywords most important to you.

Designed to be used by anyone and everyone with an interest in how visible their brand is on Google, SERPsketch combines rich insights with a very easy to use interface, making decision making and reporting easier than ever before.

Business situation

SERPsketch was founded to join the dots between marketing activity and what an end customer would see on the first page of Google. Focusing on the most important keywords for a brand, the tool shows which features of Google are shown across a keyword set, and exactly who a brand is competing against for visibility.

SERPsketch is a joint venture that Igale has invested in, bringing the product to market in just under 9 months. The founders had been discussing solving the problem, and possible solution for over 12 months prior to Igale deciding to invest and build the solution.

The challenge

“We knew that many digital marketing and SEO agencies had been trying to join the data from multiple tools to give a holistic overview for nearly 9 years. Speaking with industry professionals who had tried before we were regularly told reasons that our vision was impossible to deliver and this spurred on the Igale team to find a solution to the problem. After a lot of trial and error, the team came up with a means of accurately measuring Google results in a manner that considered all of the features of Google. To say that the doubters were surprised would be an understatement, and the take up of the product by everyone from freelancers to some of the world’s largest enterprises has been a huge surprise to everyone involved.”

Stuart Rex, Co-Founder SERPsketch


With a clear focus to make data as easy as possible to understand, draw insights from and take action with, Igale first worked on getting a slick and intuitive interface worked up. In parallel the technical team explored ways to efficiently collect and analyse the data taken from Google.

Wireframes and a design style guide were produced, and utilising an enterprise Microsoft software architecture the solution began to take shape.

With three main ways the tool can be used, at the strategic phase, for tactical day to day changes, and for ongoing measurement of a brands search marketing effectiveness, the tool could be used by freelancers right the way to some of the worlds’ largest enterprises.

Igale brought significant SaaS experience alongside software development, guiding and advising on everything from pricing to ensuring that the most critical numbers to measure from a business perspective were baked into the MVP.

Hosted in the cloud by the team at Node4, the platform has been designed to scale as the client base for the product continues to grow.

The biggest challenge with this product was achieving market fit, something which again Igale was able to support with, testing the messaging, and product throughout the development process.

Project outcomes

SERPsketch is recognised by brands and agencies as a breath of fresh air in the way that digital marketing activities can be planned, measured and reported on.

With visuals from the tool appearing in many presentations to boards of directors, and with some extremely impressive sales uplift figures from clients of the tool, word is making its way around the industry with businesses ranging from Bremont Watches to agencies like iProspect using the tool.

The result of SERPsketch is a piece of software that is the backbone of a business set for exponential growth in 2021!

Client feedback

Having worked on many client projects with Igale, drinking your own champagne and going through the process with your team gives you a unique understanding of the decisions an end client needs to make.

I’m absolutely delighted with the end product (as are our clients). I’m absolutely confident that Igale are the only team I’ve worked with who could have delivered such a complex product to such a high level of quality, so quickly.

Stuart Rex, Co-Founder, SERPsketch

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