Agile Software Technology

We Love Technology

Our team has many years’ experience in developing robust applications combining the best of the Microsoft .NET platform, Microsoft Azure cloud services and open source web frameworks such as Angular.

We Know The Right Tools For The Job

We specialise in development using the Angular framework as our front-end framework of choice, however, our team are practiced in making suitable framework / technology choices and have worked with other frameworks including React, Vue.js, amongst others.

We are experienced with developing mobile applications using the Ionic framework, leveraging our experience with Angular to develop hybrid mobile clients, incorporating services such as Google Firebase for real-time messaging, push notifications and authentication.

Typically, our projects combine front-end development with the development of robust backend services using the .NET framework, including ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core, .NET / C#, Entity Framework and SQL Server. We have the experience to develop complex bespoke software services using appropriate modern design patterns and principles, meeting exacting non-functional requirements to develop robust, scalable and performant services.


Hosting and DevOps



Our team can deliver an on-premise or a cloud hosted solution using Microsoft Azure. We have the experience with the Azure platform to develop the best architecture for the project, selecting the most appropriate Azure services / technologies, including services such as SQL Azure, Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Application Insights and more.


We have a commitment to developing high quality software, with an emphasis on modern Agile development best practices, such as test-driven development (TDD), automated unit / acceptance testing, Agile testing practices and code review / git workflows.

To help us achieve this our teams use the Azure Dev Ops tool suite (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) for planning, source control (Git), build automation (CI/CD) and testing.

Igale Technology Stack

Development Framework

Angular, Ionic, ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core (REST APIs), .NET / C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Bootstrap, Infragistics, TypeScript


On-premise: Windows Server / IIS.

Cloud (Microsoft Azure): Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Cloud Services, SQL Azure, Azure Queues / Azure Service Bus, Azure Automation

Development Tools

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, ReSharper, Azure Dev Ops (formerly VSTS), MsBuild, Protractor / Selenium, Jasmine/Karma


Azure Dev Ops